About 25.9 percent of American adults have untreated dental caries that cause tooth problems. Most of these exist in the last set of teeth called the wisdom teeth. Where the damage is extensive, you might need to undergo wisdom tooth removal surgery.

You’re fortunate enough to have had 32 teeth, and parting with some might be a total bummer. However, the extraction is good for you since it maintains your oral health. Wisdom tooth problems can be mighty uncomfortable, costing you valuable peace of mind.

The discomfort you feel in your mouth might be manageable, so you ignore it. Most people don’t know the negative side effects to look out for, so they’re in the dark about things. The truth is, letting the problem fester causes more harm and can be expensive to remedy in the future.

Wondering how to know if you need the wisdom tooth removed? Here are seven signs that you may need wisdom tooth removal surgery

1. Pain And Irritation

Do you experience excruciating pain in your jaw area? It might indicate that you have a wisdom teeth problem and might need extracting.

Most people ignore the pain in their mouth by thinking it must be of teeth growing. Although the analogy is partly right, you should let your dentist examine the pain’s root cause. Irritation in your jaw or tooth can cause you sleepless nights, so have it checked immediately.

The dentist might recommend waiting for the pain to correct itself in some cases, which is okay. You may also have wisdom teeth grow in, which can cause your pain. The only remedy will be to schedule a wisdom tooth removal procedure.

Consulting with a cosmetic surgeon is the best way to establish the cause of the pain. Don’t wait too long since the dental issues can cause further damage.

2. Difficulty Eating

Your wisdom teeth are essential to ensure proper food grinding during eating. If you have difficulty eating, it might indicate dental issues. Most of these might end up with wisdom tooth removal surgery to remedy.

Your pain sinuses are located at the back of your mouth. Any issue with the wisdom teeth causes them to flare up, and you can have trouble performing normally. One of the major problems is the difficulty eating which warrants an oral checkup.

You wouldn’t want to end up emaciated from not eating, right? Ensure that you schedule an appointment with your oral surgeon to get to the root of the problem. Wisdom tooth removal will get you back to eating comfortably without affecting your sinuses.

3. Inflammation Around The Gums

As your wisdom tooth erupts, there’s a residual flap of gum tissue left by its side. The flap attracts bacteria which can cause inflammation and infection to your gums. Inflamed gums can be a sign of dental issues that need resolving.

Pericoronitis is common among adults since the gum flaps trap food particles and become hard. The inflammation can cause discomfort if not pain in the area. If you sense an inflammation, it’s critical that you see a dentist.

The dentist inspects the problem and recommends the best course of action. A dental procedure like wisdom tooth removal ensures the inflamed dies down in no time.

4. Bad Breath

Do you experience a foul smell from your mouth? One of the causes of bad breath is the wisdom teeth problem. It can thus be a sign that you need the tooth extracted, so see an oral surgeon.

You might be handling your oral hygiene the right way, but the problem won’t go away. Experts state that sometimes, bad breath results from impacted wisdom teeth. The problem in hard-to-reach areas of your mouth makes cleaning harder.

Food stuck in crooked wisdom teeth can be hard to clean, which decay and cause bad breath. Bad breath can mess with your self-esteem, so you’d want it sorted quickly. Consider visiting your oral surgeon to have the crooked wisdom tooth removed.

5. Cyst Growth In Your Mouth

Cysts around your wisdom teeth are tiny sacs of liquid that develop with dental issues. These cysts cause huge damage to your teeth and jaw and signify wisdom teeth problems. It would be best to have them checked out before they cause extensive damage.

AAOMS states that third molars cause diseases, meaning you have to undergo removal. The oral surgeon ensures the extraction is seamless with no complications.

Cysts often come with pain and discomfort you shouldn’t ignore. When left alone, they can develop into something worse, which can be hard to treat. Plan your visit to the dentist to have the problem checked immediately.

6. Impacted Wisdom Teeth

You might have noticed there’s no more space in your mouth for wisdom teeth to emerge. Since the full set has to push to get its space, you can end up with partially emerged teeth. These teeth can cause huge problems, and they need extraction as soon as possible.

Impacted wisdom teeth cause bleeding gums and swelling around the jaw. You should take care of the problem with the seriousness it deserves. It’s essential to visit an oral surgeon to remove the impacted wisdom teeth to avoid further problems.

7. Formation Of Cavities

Do you suspect that you have cavities? You should have the problem checked out immediately to prevent the damage from spreading.

Wisdom teeth provide so much surface for the bacteria to develop. The pockets that have cavities cause gum irritation and can lead to an infection. The problem needs to be handled as soon as possible before it spreads onto adjacent teeth.

Look for dentists within your area to have the cavities checked early on. Cavities on your wisdom teeth warrant tooth removal to prevent an infection from happening.

These Are Signs That You Need Wisdom Tooth Removal Surgery

If you notice any of the above signs, it might be time to remove a wisdom tooth. Ignoring the signs can result in more discomfort as the problems develop further. Schedule an appointment with your oral surgeon today to remove the wisdom tooth.

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